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Re: well it's the thought that counts

Mike wrote:
>Mel may have his hands tied with WNEW-FM.  I've heard that he wants to 
>move Stern
>over to 102.7, but Stern won't go.  In addition, Howard is flexing his 
>muscle and
>not allowing Opie and Anthony, the only bright spot on the station, to move to
>mornings.  Stern still does not have a contract largely because Mel wants 
>him to
>move to NEW-FM.

This is an interesting issue.  I know Mel-- we go back to the days when I 
was working for WRVR in NY and he was Sales Manager for WNEW-FM.  Mel is 
unstoppable when he makes up his mind about something.  I do not say that 
to slander him-- I mean that he is not afraid of Howard, nor of anybody 
else.  It takes a lot to intimidate Mel, and with Howard's ego versus 
Mel's, I'd love to sit in on the meetings those two guys have!  If he is 
determined to move Howard, knowing what I know about Mel's business 
practises and how he hates to take "No" for an answer, he will find a way 
to bring Howard around to his viewpoint.  If anybody can do that, Mel 
can.  Now, Howard's contract is another matter, but again, stuff like that 
is only a temporary challenge for Mr Karmazin, who has a way of getting 
people to do what he wants them to do.  So I doubt we have seen the last of 
this subject.