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Re: End of FCC AM Freeze....

Is AM Really dead in Bangor Maine?

As mentioned recently by Scott Fybush in NERW;  and pubished in the
Public Notice section of Today's  Bangor Daily News classifieds,  Daniel
Preistley  has applied for three AM stations in the  Bangor area. 

The facilities sought are for 2 AM stations at Veazie, one operating on
1400 khz, 1kw-U  and another operating on 1340 khz with 1kw-U  from a
site 2.1 mi. north of Eddington (5 mi. E off Bangor) the officers will
be in Veazie (3 mi. NE of Bangor) 
Also applied for is  a third station  operating on 1230khz, 1kw-U from a
site 3/4 mi. SE of Hermon, off I-95 (5 mi. W of Bangor) with studios
located in Hermon.

A copy of the application is available for public inspection at Good
News Radio, 1476 Broadway, Bangor ME 04401. 

...May just be worth stopping by there to check it out on my next trip
up to the "Big City".

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine