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Re: marathon election coverage

And it is still in doubt, no one has officially won Fla!
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Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 3:21 AM
Subject: marathon election coverage

> Some races and ballot questions were settled early but
> the presidential election didn't really get called
> until nearly 2:30 am. Many people went to bed without
> knowing who had won, but for those who stayed up
> (some, like me, work a late shift) there was
> continuing coverage on radio and broadcast and cable
> TV.
> As I type this the concession and victory speeches
> have yet to be made, and Mo Lauzier is about to start
> his ninth consecutive hour (since 7 pm Tue) on
> WRKO. The likes of Brokaw, Rather, Shaw, and others
> also have done marathon campaign coverage tonight.
> No matter whether you liked the outcome or not,
> you have to admit that this night was a loooooong
> one and the outcome was still in doubt into the
> wee hours.
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