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Re: WAAF Jocks In Trouble

Nope...If you're still speaking about the "Blue Hills eruption"...It was
Channel 7....with Brad Holbrook and John Henning.

Back in the days when Channel 7 was the laughingstock of local news.
(Can U say RKO General?)

Sad to say, there are people who lost their jobs....but it probably wasn't
the "right people"....From what I remember it was some low-level staff that
took the fall....


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> It was channel 5 and still to this day thought that was the funniest
> hoax I ever saw on TV. I was very sad that it caused people to loose
> their jobs. The bit was funny and had disclaimers if people are that
> stupid they shouldn't watch the news.
> "Bob Nelson...WMWM" wrote:
> > Remember when Ch. 7 did an April Fool's Day "report"
> > saying that the Blue Hills (or Great Blue Hill) had
> > erupted (though those are hills, not volcanoes),
> > and they showed footage of Mt. St. Helens?