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AM 830 Preparing To Go 50KW?

Shortly after LTAR ends, and since I have my big
radio on anyway (the one that displays relative 
signal strength) I survey the AM dial to see if anything
has changed.  Today (10/29 early fall but IT'S 
SNOWING!)I observed than WCRN-AM 830 in 
Leicesterlightbulb, MA was on the air but with 
significantly reduced signal strength.  This was less
than its night-time reading, so I deduced that
something may be going on at the transmitter site.
Could they be installing the 50-thousand watt 
transmitter for their new daytime power authorization?
We may not know for sure for a couple of days or
maybe even tomorrow.  Then will the station be put
up for sale?  Entercomm might be interested in such a
deal; they could simulcast WEEI on 830, and perhaps
simulcast WRKO on 1440.  Just a thought.

Laurence from Methuen

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