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Re: AM 830 Preparing To Go 50KW?

The first thing likely to go in are a new phasing unit and antenna tuning
units that are capable of handling the higher power. This is not a one-day
or even a one-week job. Even though the 50-kW day pattern is the same as the
7-kW day pattern, the system will have to be tuned with the new equipment in
place. The new TX can go in at any point but can't go on the air at full
power until the antenna system has been upgraded. Presumably, the DA will be
tuned during daylight hours while the station operates at its the currently
licensed day power. Before this can happen, though, the installation of the
new phasor and ATUs will require some period of lower power ND operation.

WCRN has three towers, two of which are used by day and two of which are
used at night. The system _must_ have been designed to permit ND operation
at lower power from at least one of the towers--probably from the tower that
is used only at night. That arrangement would allow painting the two towers
that form the day array during daylight hours. If only two towers are
illuminated, that same tower would ideally be the one that has no
illumination, because the arrangements that are used for painting would also
allow replacing the beacons. The tower that is used only at night can be
painted during normal daytime operation.

The ability to operate days from a tower that isn't part of the day array
will enable the installation of all of the new antenna equipment while the
station remains on the air--albeit at lower power. I assume that the current
TX is a 10-kW unit that is operated at 7 kW-D and 5 kW-N. After the 50-kW TX
is in place, I'd guess the 10-kW unit will be modified for 10-kW operation
and will become auxilliary day/alternate main night--unless of course, the
50-kW unit is not equipped to run at 5 kW (unlikely). In that case, the old
TX will be designated as auxilliary day/main night.

My guess is that we won't hear WCRN operating at higher day power at least
until January. and the FCC may grant program-test authority at something
less than 50 kW until WCRN establishes that there is no prohibited overlap
with WEEI or WRYM (the 840 station in New Britain).

As for Entercom buying 830, do they have that kind of money? My guess is
WCRN with 50 kW-D should fetch at least $7 million. I had heard that
Entercom's finances were rather tenuous. I wonder what 830 would cost if
1440 was used as partial payment. I think 1440 ought to be worth about $3
million. Or are you just trying to unseat Mr Gallant as king of wild
speculation on this list. I must admit to having tried from time to time to
capture that title myself.

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>Could they be installing the 50-thousand watt
>transmitter for their new daytime power authorization?
>We may not know for sure for a couple of days or
>maybe even tomorrow.  Then will the station be put
>up for sale?  Entercomm might be interested in such a
>deal; they could simulcast WEEI on 830, and perhaps
>simulcast WRKO on 1440.  Just a thought.