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WSCR, Imus, and Sports Rights

Right now, Imus is not on the air anywhere in Chicago, so speculation
is high that he'll end up on 670.

The Cubs are on WGN, the Bulls are on WMVP, the White Sox are on WMVP.
That leaves the Blackhawks, who are on WSCR, and the Bears, who had been
on WMAQ for several seasons.  But the team didn't want to be on 
WSCR when it moved to 670 (apparently because of some WSCR hosts who
were perceived as having an anti-Bears bias), so they end up on WBBM
this year.

Given that the Cubs and WGN are commonly owned by Tribune, that leaves
the White Sox and perhaps the Bulls as the best hope for WSCR whenever
their WMVP contracts are up.