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Re: WAAF Jocks In Trouble

See what Congress hath sown with the total lack of local control of radio
and television stations.  That station deserves have it's management and
those two idiots sent to that woman S&M practitioner.
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> From: <Sptseditor@aol.com>
> > Does anyone remember the "Santa" campaign which WAAF pulled off 10 years
> or
> > so ago, when Greg Hill was walking up to folks in a Santa's suit, doling
> out
> > $20 bills? As I recall, the Herald went along for the ride.
> Until they learned it was a purely commercial gesture....then the media
> Herald) turned on them.  Globe and Herald columnists lambasted them for
> crassness during the Holiday season.
> > In fairness to Entercom, they weren't the company which gave O&A the
> > gig. Blame that on CBS.
> Same bodies....diferrent name.
> DM
> >
> > -Sean