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Re: CONtrol of ELectronic RADiation

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, Roger Kirk wrote:
> The original 'A' cell was cylindrical - approximately
> the size of two Campbell soup cans.  Connection was by 
> Fahnestock Connectors on top. While I can't be sure, 
> I suspect they may still be available today.  In the 
> 60's they were used to heat the glow plugs of model 
> airplanes.  Connections had then changed to knurled
> metal binding posts.
I've seen the A batteries in stores, particularly hobby shops. They are
also popular in school science shops.  Eveready is, I think, the only
company that still makes them.

As for the B batteries, they're still around and very expensive.  Mostly
they are available through catalog-supply houses like Antique Electornics
Supply.  People that still have radios that use A & B batteries usually
make their own, but wiring a block of 9-volt transistor-radio batteries in
series.  Although they don't last as long as a "real" B battery, they are
much cheaper.

> Nobody has mentioned the "C" battery - not to be confused
> with a 'C' cell.  It was, I believe, a 4.5 volt battery 
> used to bias grid(s) in old fashioned battery-operated 
> radios.

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