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Re: CONtrol of ELectronic RADiation

Shawn Mamros wrote:
>(Yeah, I'm a young'un, relatively speaking... all 
>I've ever known of the battery universe is 
>AAA/AA/C/D cells, plus 9 Volt "transistor" batteries
>and those big 6 Volt "lantern" batteries.  So just 
>what were A and B batteries, in relation to those?  
>And when did they disappear, or are they still around 
>today, just hidden away from the young'uns like myself?)

The original 'A' cell was cylindrical - approximately
the size of two Campbell soup cans.  Connection was by 
Fahnestock Connectors on top. While I can't be sure, 
I suspect they may still be available today.  In the 
60's they were used to heat the glow plugs of model 
airplanes.  Connections had then changed to knurled
metal binding posts.

Nobody has mentioned the "C" battery - not to be confused
with a 'C' cell.  It was, I believe, a 4.5 volt battery 
used to bias grid(s) in old fashioned battery-operated 

Roger Kirk (who remembers the "80", the "45" & the "27")