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Re: More problems for Clear channel...

What is the problem?  Clear Channel fired the people involved in the incident.
Even if someone was to complain to the FCC, the fact that the guilty employees
were let go should be enough to keep the feds at bay.  The fired employees will
be in a lot more hot water than the station or Clear Channel.

Mike Thomas

Matthew Osborne wrote:

> Hey everyone,
>     Looks like Lowry Mays and the gang have a plate full of problems to deal
> with.  In addition to the issue of their national contesting they're being
> confronted with, I came across this story from Boise Idaho while doing the
> morning newscast.  If the link I give for this becomes out of date, I do
> have a copy of this story saved that I can post to the list, but I thought
> for citation purposes, it would be easier done this way.
> http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/daily/20001025/LocalNews/47708.shtml
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