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95.3 Aircheck found

I bought two aircheck tapes at a Flea Market a while back and listened to them

No official IDs are on them, as they're taken from the station's "skimmer"
They're labled as "Carnavale Air Check" and dates. Dates vary, 6/14/94, ("Larry
White" jock 60 min ... April 22, '94 Kim Engle in AM Drive, 30 min, and Larry
White 6-12PM 30 min. "Cool 95.3" was the monniker. ?"The Seacoast's Own Official
Oldies Station" was another slogan on the same tape.

It's strange  that I found them in a St. Augustine, FL Flea Market, some vendor
with used audio equipment, 8 tracks, and some cassettes. Theses tapes were part
of a set that included folks from WKQL 96.9 here in Jacksonville, FL... Does
anyone have the call sign for the 95.3 station in ME/NH. Does anyone know the
jocks mentioned?

Ron Gitschier
Jacksonville, FL
ex: Lowell, MA