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And hello from WYLF's daytime listening area!

I don't know for certain, but in the last year or so, several prominent
hobby publications have carried reports of WYLF being on late into the
night, and I can say that my usual 850 situation in Rochester (spin
the ferrite one way and get Cleveland, the other way and get 
Johnstown, PA) has gotten much noisier and messier at night lately.

WSFW (1110) in Seneca Falls is another one that's been reported as 
being heard at night recently.

WYLF is my dominant, nearly-local 850 signal here at home, just below
CJBC Toronto (which has never sounded as strong on 860 as the
theoretically-identical CBL signal sounded on 740...sob!) and WHCU
Ithaca on 870.