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RE: Time to update at least one interesting tower site

> > ON the mast, near the bottom of the Mast, is WJMN.
> Yes, but if I remember right WJMN mostly uses the master antenna these
> days.

They legally can't use the Master Antenna. The Master antenna is 349m HAAT
(9kW class B)., and WJMN is licensed to 321m HAAT (11kW class B). They have
their own two bay (Shively Labs) antenna in radomes that look like brown
kegs near the bottom of the mast (Which if I am guessing is actually the old
Channel 5 antenna).  I don't think a station can increase its height/reduce
power without FCC permission first.

> > ON the actual tower, side mounted, at the top is WBUR.
> Yes. WBUR's license requires a directional antenna; I forget why.
> > On the tower , on the side, a ways down, is WODS.
> Yes.
> > Below WODS is a two bay ERI antenna which I can't find any
> license of who
> > owns/uses it but I am assuming it's just a back up antenna.
> It's a standby antenna for WODS, I think.

WODS's standby antenna is RIGHT below it's primary. It almost makes their
primary antenna look bigger. I am not sure who manufactured the antenna they
have, but its not a common one. IIRC the primary antenna is four bays, the
aux. is two bays.

> There used to be a Channel 19 LPTV on this tower; I don't know if it's
> still on the air.

The LPTV antenna is still on it, I think I've seen it.