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RE: 95.3 Aircheck found

WCQL was in fact "Cool 95.3, the seacoast's own official oldies station". I
remember listening to this with my family on Vacation in York.  It's now
WUBB 95.3, I think its satellite country, but IM not sure. Its actual COL is
"York Center". It's studios are in Portsmouth, and it's transmitter is on
the peak of Mt Agamenticus.


> No official IDs are on them, as they're taken from the station's "skimmer"
> machine.
> They're labled as "Carnavale Air Check" and dates. Dates vary,
> 6/14/94, ("Larry
> White" jock 60 min ... April 22, '94 Kim Engle in AM Drive, 30
> min, and Larry
> White 6-12PM 30 min. "Cool 95.3" was the monniker. ?"The
> Seacoast's Own Official
> Oldies Station" was another slogan on the same tape.