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Re: TV guide (was VT Markets...)

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From: Mike_Ed <Mike_Ed@email.msn.com>

> One thing that gets my goat about TV Guide is that I'll look up my
> listings for my area and either the channel number doesn't match to
> corresponding station or the station doesn't exist.  Perfect example
> that for months, it keeps on saying that Cartoon Network is on
Channel 73
> and despite the fact that I have all of the premium channels, our
> doesn't have the Cartoon Network.

MedioOne (or whatever they're called this morning) has a good deal
with TVG on how it lists.  I am curious as to why the DISH network
doesn't work a similar deal, one that "append queries" the bird with
the markets' local affils?  But, then again, they never asked.  Even
out of the box MS Access would take care of that.

Bill O'Neill