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TV guide (was VT Markets...)

Garrett brought up an interesting point in reference to TV guide and the 
listings when he wrote:
<<TV Hebdo is what /TV Guide/ would be if its editors and publishers believed 
anyone actually read the listings any more.>>

i, for one, rely on the listings, especially to set up any prime time taping. 
 (such is the life of an overnight radio person... tape prime time, listen to 
the NBC shows (at 87.9 FM in Maine for WCSH) for the first hour of the 
commute and then watch the taped programs in the morning after getting the 
last of the children off to school.)
 there's nothin' worse than anticipating a show which, according to the 
latest, current issue of "The Guide", was going to be on at 9pm, only to find 
out that the show listed is not what aired.  
   In particular, TV Guide, at least in our Maine edition, has been really 
off lately when it comes to letting parents of pre-teens know when "Sabrina" 
(no longer on ABC but now on WB: cleared "whenever" on the local UPN 
affiliate) is actually going to be on.  fortunately, the station's website 
has accurate listings.
   another error happened just this evening as the 7pm listing for the Disney 
Channel was "Johnny Tsunami" and yet, on the mouse trap, it was not the story 
of the little surfer boy... (i have no idea what movie was on...)

    the other thing i found unsettling about this week's edition was that 
there were absolutely no listings for the Red Sox in the League Championship 
Series.  and once again, the stations insisted on carrying the debate last 
evening instead of the Red Sox.  (denial mode off)

- -Chuck Igo