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Re: TV guide (was VT Markets...)

"Daddy" Igo writes:

>    another error happened just this evening as the 7pm listing for
the Disney
> Channel was "Johnny Tsunami" and yet, on the mouse trap, it was not
the story
> of the little surfer boy... (i have no idea what movie was on...)

surfer...tsunami... at least they both involve water, ocean.  Close
enough for jazz.

>     the other thing i found unsettling about this week's edition was
> there were absolutely no listings for the Red Sox in the League
> Series.  and once again, the stations insisted on carrying the
debate last
> evening instead of the Red Sox.  (denial mode off)
> - -Chuck Igo

So instead, it was still two swings, two misses.

As for "TV Guide" - we get the "Albany" edition.  They said I could
get the "Vermont" edition but the channel line up for that was for
signals that didn't even come close to us (Middlebury area).  I
suspect more people do read it for the articles. (When have I heard
_that_ before?)

Bill O'Neill