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Re: TV guide (was VT Markets...)

On 12 Oct 2000,  Larry Weil wrote:

> I don't know how much of this is caused by the lead time involved. 
> I don't know if the stations still mail their schedules to TV Guide 
> and to the services that supply the newspapers, and then follow up 
> with mailings of any changes.  But, in the case of TV Guide, all the 
> different editions have to be printed up in time for subscription 
> copies to be mailed in time to reach the subscribers before the week 
> of the edition, one delay the newspaper TV supplements do not have.

When I had a subscription to TV Guide, it usually came later than the 
newsstand issues came out, and it occasionally didn't arrive before the 
start of the week.

One thing that can make TV Guide seem inaccurate is that networks 
sometimes cancel shows on very short notice.  For example, a month or two, 
Fox cancelled "Opposite Sex" after it had already aired a preview of the 
next episode.  It was listed in the next two issues of TV Guide, even 
though it was cancelled.

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