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Vt. markets...and Quebec's

Garrett points out, correctly, that the Burlington TVs are seen
in Canadian market #3 (and yes, Montreal still holds that rank 
AFAIK) -- but neglects to mention that they're also seen on cable
in most of the other populated areas of La Belle Province.  I don't
know where Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and the Mauricie (Trois-Rivieres)
rank among Canadian markets, but I can say from experience that
their cable systems also get WCAX, WPTZ, and WVNY.  Sherbrooke, at
least, also gets WFFF -- but I don't know about the rest.  I also
can't vouch for which PBS station gets picked up.

Hull, of course, gets Rochester stations just like Ottawa.  I have no
idea what US stations are on cable in more remote areas like
Riviere du Loup or Rimouski, but I'd guess it's one of the satellite
packages from Detroit or Boston (with Rochester's WUHF for Fox :-)

As for Fermont, Waswanippi, and Waskagonish (sp? sp?!?!?), you'd have
to ask Garrett...