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Re: Vt. markets...and Quebec's

On 11 Oct 2000, at 21:59, Scott Fybush wrote:

> Garrett points out, correctly, that the Burlington TVs are seen
> in Canadian market #3 (and yes, Montreal still holds that rank 

Statistics Canada shows that metropolitan Montréal is the #2 
market.  Toronto is #1 at 4.7 million, Montreal has 3.4 million, and 
Vancouver is #3 at 2.0 million people.

Québec is #7 at 688 thousand, and there are 3 other Québec metro 
areas in the top 25:

19: Chicoutimi-Jonquière at 162,000.
21: Sherbrooke at 153,000.
22: Trois-Rivières at 142,000.

You'd have to consider that the potential audience for English 
language TV stations would be lower than US markets of the same 
size.  But they'd still be a lot larger than Burlington (metro 192,000) 
and Plattsburgh (city 19,000).

Mark Laurence