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RE: "Ted" Miller former weathercaster for WCVB injured

Something inside me is saying that he was on WHDH-TV 5. There was this Table
Talk Pie Display at my local "old-time" corner variety store in Lowell,
basically alluding to the fact that they sponsor the weather forecasts with
Fred Miller, sporting a photo of him. Sort of a strange display by today's
standards. Those pies really had a tin plate back then too. This was circa
1967 and then, my impression was that that was an OLD display. Wow, the
things that stick in your mind. Just like the WLAW "New Englands Most
Powerful Radio Station - 680 thermometer I recall seeing all through the 70s
on the front of the High Street (Lowell) Fire Station. That struck me
because I only knew 680 as WRKO, not realizing it's history in those days.
We didn't have computers or the internet then. But computers weren't too far
away - On a tape I have of WLLH in 1966, some institute in Andover was
advertising classes on operating a huge IBM couputer "come see it in
action". Must of been some computer then...

Reminicing mode off....

Ron Gitschier
Miami Beach, FL
a long long way from Lowell!

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> He was the guy who used a bird puppet, Barney, as a prop. I can't recall
> what kind of bird Barney was supposed to be--a pelican, maybe--but he was
> not the similarly named purple dinosaur of the '90s. I can don't remember
> ever hearing the name Ted Miller without hearing "and Barney" appended to
> it.
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