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Re: "Ted" Miller former weathercaster for WCVB injured

I think I now recall the type of bird Barney was supposed to be--a seagull.
Reminds me for some reason of the automobile horns that became popular, at
least in New York City, when the 1939 World's Fair opened at Flushing
Meadow. The horns would play six notes from the 1890s song "Sidewalks of New
York." The notes were the ones that accompanied the portion of the lyric
that reads "boys and girls together." Ever since my childhood, whenever I
see a seagull atop a buoy, I think of _buoys_ and _gulls_ together and I
start humming those notes from "Sidewalks of New York."


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Subject: Re: "Ted" Miller former weathercaster for WCVB injured

On 9 Oct 2000,  John Bolduc wrote:

> Mr. Miller, a former weathercaster for WCVB-TV/Channel
> 5, was listed in serious condition in the hospital's
> intensive care unit ..."

He as also a weathercaster on the old WHDH-TV channel 5.  For awhile at
least, he had a handpuppet bird named "Barney" that he talked to during
the weathercast.