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Re: Vt. markets...and Quebec's

>Sherbrooke, at
>least, also gets WFFF -- but I don't know about the rest.  I also
>can't vouch for which PBS station gets picked up.

Videotron cable in Montreal carries both Vermont Public Television (WETK) 
and WCFE.
>Hull, of course, gets Rochester stations just like Ottawa.  I have no
>idea what US stations are on cable in more remote areas like
>Riviere du Loup or Rimouski, but I'd guess it's one of the satellite
>packages from Detroit or Boston (with Rochester's WUHF for Fox :-)

>From what I remember (too lazy to get my most recent TV Hebdo/TV 7 Jours, 
french Canadian TV version of TV Guide, out) Rimouski gets Detroit (WDIV and 
WXYZ) for NBC/ABC, WCAX for CBS, and WFFF for Fox.

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