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Re: WHDH faces big debate: Bush-Gore or baseball?

The guy who wrote the article in the Herald
didn't wait for the official NBC press release
late yesterday afternoon :

NBC will go with their divisional baseball playoff game on Oct.3rd
per legal contract with Major League Baseball. It will air the
Oct.17th game in favor of last  debate as well. MSNBC and CNBC
will carry all the debates on cable. 

ABC, CBS and PBS will carry all debates live. So lack of
access is not an issue...ABC is hoping for a debate win as it
will air Regis' Millionaire show as a lead-in on the 3rd...

Fox will not air any of the debates because they also conflict
with their baseball coverage. They could've carried only
Oct 3rd and 5th debates anyway so they've decided to skip all
of the debates. Fox News Channel will carry all debates...


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