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Re: WHDH faces big debate: Bush-Gore or baseball?

Dan Billings (or someone using his name) wrote:
<<I'm a committed Republican, but I'd take a Gore presidency if we could get 
a Red Sox World Series win in exchange.  >>

sure, NOW you tell us.

and then Larry W. wrote:
<<WHDH has a contractual obligation to carry all of NBC's programming.  >> 

   does WHDH have the option of running network programming at a time of 
their own choosing?  (equal or greater audience daypart, etc?).
   up here in Maine, the network affiliates are forever displacing scheduled 
network programming and then dumping the displaced shows wherever they see 
fit.  (one example:  Channel 8 and Billy Graham.  for a time, Billy was 
getting more face time than Peter Jennings or the local newscrew... of course 
i'm kidding.  perception.)
   the local UPN affiliate does this often, as well, as they are the 
broadcast Red Sox outlet.  many's a time i've had to call the front desk to 
find out when (here it comes) The Jeri Ryan Show <g> "Voyager" was going to 
actually air.

btw:  tape delay debate idea might good.  it'll give both sides a chance to 
run to a hotel and watch it to see if they do better the second time...

- -Chuck Igo