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Tigers to a weak signal: grrrrr!!!!

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> Not that this is all that local to my New England compadres, but of
> to those who are used to picking up a sporting event on a clear-channel
> station at night.
> The Illitch family, which owns the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, has
awarded radio broadcast rights for its sports properties to Infinity-owned
WXYT.  Unlike WJR, I doubt anyone has a snowball's chance in hell of picking
up WXYT  in New England, so no more getting the chance to hear Ernie Harwell
on my drive home.>

Sean & group: I live in NE Ohio and am not at all happy about the Tigers
games leaving 50kw WJR. While I'm a Cleveland Indians fan (I'm in
Akron), it was fun to easily be able to tune into a Tigers game and also
to be able to hear a broadcasting legend in Ernie Harwell.  I met him
briefly in the 1996 division series between the Tribe & Orioles when
Ernie was doing play-by-play for a national radio network. What a
wonderful gentlemen!

I guess the Tigers games will be streamed on real audio....so, better than