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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 8/7: So Long, Charles...

<<Fox is using strong arm approach with many non-CC stations currently carrying Jim Rome's show. They're *forcing* them to take up additional Fox Sports Radio programming such as the new Tony Bruno Show
(former ESPN voice) during AM drive as part of a bigger package>>

WORC-AM recently dropped Jim Rome's show in favor of local "hot talk" programming.  It's possible that the CC mandate may have had something to do with this decision.  With Worcester already having a
satellite-simulcast driven sports station (WWTM) and the Red Sox and Patriots on WTAG,  I guess WORC did not want to have to run Fox sports programming.  Also, WORC has a contract to run Mancow, which they may
not been able to--or wanted to--get out of.

<<Is it radio racketeering or what?!>>

Nope, it's business.  It's done with TV all the time--why should radio be any different?

<<Murdoch really wants this thing to work but the syndi sports market is already so oversaturated with One-On-One, ESPN and SportsFan, I can't see this working out in a long run...So far, most stations picking
up Fox Sports Radio are CC-owned and are on graveyard frequencies...Maybe they'll put it on 1430 up in Boston? :)>>

Obviously some consolidation needs to happen here.  With One-On-One's financial difficulties and Sportsfan's low profile and lack of Wall Street clout,  both are ripe for sale.   I could see ABC and Clear
Channel ponying up some big bucks to swallow up one or both of these companies.

Mike Thomas