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Re: Interesting question

Well, if  "daddy's boy" Georgy W makes it to the White House, execution coverage
could skyrocket in this country, considering the number of people W. has put to
death over the years.  Just imagine...The government could fry the Unibomber
during February sweeps, right after the inauguation, with all the networks there
and little Georgy and his daddy flipping the switch.  Scary thought, aint it?

Mike Thomas

Gitschier wrote:

> On another note, during lunch a couple of years ago I listened to ZNS-1 1540
> from Atlantic Beach, FL (Jacksonville) with riveting coverage of a hanging
> in Nassau. I picked up the story when some murderer lost out on his appeal.
> They whisked him to the place they carried out the hanging. The coverage
> carried through to when they put him in a box and made the preps for burial.
> I've never heard of such coverage ever in the 30 plus years I've been
> listenin to the radio!