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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 8/7: So Long, Charles...

With two full-time sports stations on AM in Boston already (both 50-kW full
time), and with WNRB drawing puny (if not invisible) ratings, wouldn't it
make more sense for ABC or Fox to buy out One-on-One, thus obtaining
full-time stations in Boston (1510), New York (620), and Los Angeles (1540)?

1430's day signal is OK, especially within Boston and in the close-in
suburbs north and northwest of the city, but the night signal is pathetic
outside of Everett and a few nearby places.

I keep wondering when ABC is going to do that deal and then flip Radio
Disney to 1510 and sell off 1260 to RadioOne. If _that_ deal ever went down,
I guess it would produce an opening for Fox on 1430 and for RadioOne to pick
up adult standards on 1090. My barber hasn't tuned his radio to any station
but 1430 for probably 20 years. I wonder if he'd find 1090--or if he'd just
have to retire and sell his shop.


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>The launch date for Fox Sports Radio is Aug.28th.
>Fox is using strong arm approach with many non-CC
>stations currently carrying Jim Rome's show. They're *forcing* them to take
up additional Fox Sports Radio programming such as the new Tony Bruno
Show(former ESPN voice) during AM drive as part of a bigger
>package. Is it radio racketeering or what?!
>Murdoch really wants this thing to work
>but the syndi sports market is already so oversaturated with One-On-One,
ESPN and SportsFan,
>I can't see this working out in a long run...So far, most stations picking
up Fox Sports Radio are CC-owned and are on graveyard frequencies...Maybe
they'll put it on 1430 up in Boston? :)