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Re: Censorship at WTKK

At first listen, I thought it was just those DAMN (err DARN) Digital
Cellular phones cutting in and out, but in the past few weeks, it's just
gotten worse.


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From: "Norm Rosen" <inorm99@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Sunday, August 06, 2000 12:25
Subject: Censorship at WTKK

> I often flip through the news and talk stations as I'm driving home from
> work, and although I find WTKK 96.9 to be a very good, if not great
> talk station
> with Jay Severin, Gayle Fee, Laura Raposa, Jeanneane Graf, Mike
> Barnicle, etc.
> There is one annoying thing going on, and I've heard it over and over
> again.
> If a guest on one of the talk shows mentions another station's call
> letters, it gets censored.
> It is often done in a rushed, sloppy  way,( because of what little time
> available on the delay) .
> In the the times that I've heard it done, I felt it was also
> unneccesary.
> With Mark Parenteau  as a guest on "The Inside Track" and mentioning
> the former WCOZ,
> And WFAN  N.Y. being mentioned on Imus's morning show, what does
> management think, people in the Boston area will go on automatic and
> flip to these
> stations?
> With Bush's speech  going on at the Republican convention the other
> night, I was looking for a talk show that wasn't carrying it, and I
> couldn't find one.
> One positive thing was, as I was flipping through the dial I could
> always go back to WTKK and hear what I missed live on WBZ, WBUR, or
> WRKO:)
> Norm Rosen