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Censorship at WTKK

I often flip through the news and talk stations as I'm driving home from
work, and although I find WTKK 96.9 to be a very good, if not great
talk station

with Jay Severin, Gayle Fee, Laura Raposa, Jeanneane Graf, Mike
Barnicle, etc.

There is one annoying thing going on, and I've heard it over and over

If a guest on one of the talk shows mentions another station's call
letters, it gets censored.

It is often done in a rushed, sloppy  way,( because of what little time
available on the delay) .

In the the times that I've heard it done, I felt it was also

With Mark Parenteau  as a guest on "The Inside Track" and mentioning
the former WCOZ,

And WFAN  N.Y. being mentioned on Imus's morning show, what does
management think, people in the Boston area will go on automatic and
flip to these


With Bush's speech  going on at the Republican convention the other
night, I was looking for a talk show that wasn't carrying it, and I
couldn't find one.

One positive thing was, as I was flipping through the dial I could
always go back to WTKK and hear what I missed live on WBZ, WBUR, or

Norm Rosen