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Re: NorthEast Radio Watch 8/7: So Long, Charles...

On Thu, 3 Aug 2000 15:59:06   
 Scott D Fybush wrote:
>*In NEW YORK's 

> The Times Union's Pete Dougherty
>reports the station will go sports with the new Fox Sports Radio
>network.  Jim Rome's show (from Clear Channel's Premiere Radio
>Networks) will move from CC's WTMM (1300 Rensselaer), which is being
>spun away in the deal, over to 980.  What becomes of 1300 under new
>owner Regent?  Nobody's saying just yet...

The launch date for Fox Sports Radio is Aug.28th.
Fox is using strong arm approach with many non-CC
stations currently carrying Jim Rome's show. They're *forcing* them to take up additional Fox Sports Radio programming such as the new Tony Bruno Show(former ESPN voice) during AM drive as part of a bigger
package. Is it radio racketeering or what?!
Murdoch really wants this thing to work
but the syndi sports market is already so oversaturated with One-On-One, ESPN and SportsFan,
I can't see this working out in a long run...So far, most stations picking up Fox Sports Radio are CC-owned and are on graveyard frequencies...Maybe they'll put it on 1430 up in Boston? :)

> Down in New York City,
>former WNEW (102.7) jock Dennis Elsas has resurfaced at the low end of
>the dial, where he's signed on for afternoon drive at Fordham
>University's cool AAA WFUV (90.7).

In other NYC news :
WBBR AM 1130 is going "live+local" between
6am to 6pm starting on Sep.5th after 8 years
of broadcasting from a hard drive....

Brooklyn, NY

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