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Re: UMass Radio

Not surprising.  WMUA has always been considered a "necessary evil" by the
powers that be at UMASS.  The Administration has always looked at the
Collegian, the various alumni periodicals and WFCR as the "campus media."  WMUA
has historically been treated as a glorified club, despite the fact that it's
one of the more highly-regarded student run college radio stations in the
country.  Doing an "famous alumni" feature would put the station in higher
stature, something the Administration hasn't wanted over the years.  There's a
ton of us alums out there working in the business though, and it would make an
interesting article.

Mike Thomas
UMASS and WMUA alum, Class of 1988

"Martin J. Waters" wrote:

>         The other thing was, as a long-time college PR-alumni relations
> person, I was very surprised that there was nothing at all about WMUA
> alumni who have gone on to broadcasting careers, both on air and otherwise,
> including engineers-technicians, and management-ownership. Usually an
> alumni magazine looks for those opportunities. Just off the top of my head,
> from my few years there, they could have at least briefly listed Vinnie
> Peruzzi; Joe Connolly (WCBS (AM)); Mike Kavanagh (WSB/many voiceovers on
> CNN); Charlie Pellett (WBBR, previously WINS); Brian Lay, former CE at Ch.
> 7 now in Seattle, etc. There are many others.