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Re: O&A Strike Today Show Again

Larry wrote:
<<This morning (Wed), when they were doing the out the widow shot on 
the Today show, a young woman flashed as the camera went by, 
revealing a W.O.W. sticker just below where everyone was looking. 
There was a constant stream of people coming into the Channel 7 tape 
room today wanting to look at the aircheck tape.>>


    maybe i missed hearing about it (the flash) the first time?  have they 
had someone succeed before?  according to the WNEW official website 
(wnew.com), O&A have a scanned copy of a piece credited to The Globe from 
September of '98 which offers an initial bounty of $700 for a successful 
Today Show "WOW".  the webpage updates the fee to $1000. (from wnew.com click 
on the WOW link and there is a subsequent link to the newsarticle) 
   (eerily, the photocopied article includes a piece on Carolyn feeling 
uncomfortable about flying with her husband, John F. Kennedy, Junior in their 
private plane...)

- -Chuck Igo