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Re: O&A Strike Today Show Again

Channel 7 wrapped up their newscast with the Today show shot, with the womans breasts
blurred, along with the WOW sticker.  Then, during Leno, they showed the same tape
again, this time showing the sticker.  And it's not even sweeps!

Mike Thomas

Mark wrote:

> I wasn't traveling today so I happened to catch it live this morning...
> I give credit to Matt Lauer and Anne Curry. They kept their composure
> under the circumstances. Katie Couric looked a little shocked
> when she saw it on the monitor in Philly but didn't say a word during
> her banter with Lauer...Yeh, the W.O.W. sticker was practically unnoticeable...:)
> For some reason O&A have a thing for NBC...A few weeks ago, they
> pulled a bunch of pranks on local WNBC reporters doing live
> remotes during late afternoon newscasts. WNBC complained to CBS
> but it doesn't look like these guys are letting up....
> Mark
> --- Larry Weil <kc1ih@mediaone.net> wrote:
> > This morning (Wed), when they were doing the out the widow shot on
> > the Today show, a young woman flashed as the camera went by,
> > revealing a W.O.W. sticker just below where everyone was looking.
> > There was a constant stream of people coming into the Channel 7 tape
> > room today wanting to look at the aircheck tape.
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> > Larry Weil
> > Lake Wobegone, NH
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