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Re: O&A Strike Today Show Again

I wasn't traveling today so I happened to catch it live this morning...
I give credit to Matt Lauer and Anne Curry. They kept their composure
under the circumstances. Katie Couric looked a little shocked
when she saw it on the monitor in Philly but didn't say a word during
her banter with Lauer...Yeh, the W.O.W. sticker was practically unnoticeable...:)
For some reason O&A have a thing for NBC...A few weeks ago, they
pulled a bunch of pranks on local WNBC reporters doing live
remotes during late afternoon newscasts. WNBC complained to CBS
but it doesn't look like these guys are letting up....


--- Larry Weil <kc1ih@mediaone.net> wrote:
> This morning (Wed), when they were doing the out the widow shot on 
> the Today show, a young woman flashed as the camera went by, 
> revealing a W.O.W. sticker just below where everyone was looking. 
> There was a constant stream of people coming into the Channel 7 tape 
> room today wanting to look at the aircheck tape.
> -- 
> Larry Weil
> Lake Wobegone, NH

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