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Re: UMass Radio

>Joe Ross wrote:
>The latest issue of the alumni magazine "UMass" has a cover article about
>radio broadcasting on campus.  It talks about WFCR, WMUA, and a few dorm-
>based stations, including WOCH, which is based in a dorm and runs on a
>University cable channel.

        My happiness at seeing WMUA on the cover kind of got watered down
when I read the article. I thought the whole idea of comparing-contrasting
WMUA to-with WFCR was not a good approach. It's like, there are two radio
stations on campus so let's write about them together, even if they don't
really have anything to do with each other.

        The other thing was, as a long-time college PR-alumni relations
person, I was very surprised that there was nothing at all about WMUA
alumni who have gone on to broadcasting careers, both on air and otherwise,
including engineers-technicians, and management-ownership. Usually an
alumni magazine looks for those opportunities. Just off the top of my head,
from my few years there, they could have at least briefly listed Vinnie
Peruzzi; Joe Connolly (WCBS (AM)); Mike Kavanagh (WSB/many voiceovers on
CNN); Charlie Pellett (WBBR, previously WINS); Brian Lay, former CE at Ch.
7 now in Seattle, etc. There are many others.