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Re: Lowell Folk Festival 2000

  Dave Faneuf wrote:
>> I don't know, 2 am's and 3 fm's sounds like pretty good coverage to me

  I was making reference to actual broadcasts of festival performances from
one of the six festival stages (WCAP,WJUL,WGBH) as opposed to the regular
format remote with interviews/cut ins (WCCM,WHOB) 

> > WGBH-FM was on hand as usual at Boarding House Park with Dick 
> > Pleasants
> > hosting a special edition of his weekly 'Folk Heritage" show.
> 	And doing a GREAT job I might add, audio quality and presentation
> 	were outstanding!

  I believe WGBH used an ISDN set up to feed the show back to the
studio.WCAP and WJUL used their Martis to feed the show back to studio.
  Speaking of WCAP, today's rain shortened feed from JFK Plaza was marred
by a loud hum that by the time the rains really let loose,it was almost
overpowering the stage feed of the Polka band that was onstage at the
time.The band played on till the festival's overall stage supervisor
ordered all stages shut down and power shut down for a rain delay.The
person(s) responsible for killing the juice not only shut off the stage,but
also killed the power box that the WCAP mobile studio and several of the
food booths in the plaza were running from.Soon after that WCAP had it's
power restored and Gary Francis filled part of the rain delay time with
some historical tidbits about Lowell.A few minutes later I tuned back in
and they were rolling pre-recorded festival music from the studio I would
imagine,as the mobile studio doesn't have CD players installed in it.The
festival eventually went to the rain plan using indoor venues,and since
there was mass confusion with the transportation of performers that I was
helping to sort out,I ended up being away from a radio for the rest of the
afternoon,so I'm not sure if WCAP ended up at an inside stage or if they
packed it up early.I'm not sure if WJUL was on hand today and if they
were,what happened to them in the foul weather.
> > None of the Saturday night shows had any radio coverage
> 	I thought the festival wrapped up at 6pm Saturday night.
 The festival runs till about 10PM on Friday and Saturday nights.In past
years,WJUL has always carried a stage on Friday and Saturday nights,as did
WLLH in the pre-Mega era.WCAP has never done any night coverage,and one
year WGBH did carry a Friday night show from Boarding House Park.

Mark Watson