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Re: Lowell Folk Festival 2000

On Sun, 30 Jul 2000 08:29:35 -0400 "Mark" <markwats@netway.com> writes:
> This weekend the Lowell Folk Festival is taking place.The radio 
> coverage
> for this year's festivities not as extensive as past years.I

	I don't know, 2 am's and 3 fm's sounds like pretty good 
	coverage to me.
> (106.3
> Nashua) did a 3 hour remote from the fest,unsure where they were set 
> up,

	They are on Market Street across from the National Park Visitors Center
> Saturday found WHOB again doing a remote from the fest,10 AM-2PM
> WCAP had live coverage of the performances from JFK Plaza from 
> 12Noon to
> 6:30.> Parked right behind WCAP's vehicle was the WCCM Dodge Caravan 
>WCCM was doing a regular format remote with music played in 
> the van,

	I stopped over to say hi to Kevin, Bruce and Bob (WCAP/WCCM) and 
	it seemed to me WCCM was doing live cut ins at the very least since
	Bob was running around doing interviews.
> WJUL was also on hand at JFK Plaza,carrying all performances.
> WGBH-FM was on hand as usual at Boarding House Park with Dick 
> Pleasants
> hosting a special edition of his weekly 'Folk Heritage" show.

	And doing a GREAT job I might add, audio quality and presentation
	were outstanding!
> None of the Saturday night shows had any radio coverage.

	I thought the festival wrapped up at 6pm Saturday night.
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