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Lowell Folk Festival 2000

This weekend the Lowell Folk Festival is taking place.The radio coverage
for this year's festivities not as extensive as past years.In fact,for the
first time since the festival started 14 years ago (as the National Folk
Festival,after 3 years Lowell kept going after the National fest moved on)
there was no live broadcast of any of Friday night's concerts.WHOB (106.3
Nashua) did a 3 hour remote from the fest,unsure where they were set up,I
didn't hear them mention the specific area they were at.

Saturday found WHOB again doing a remote from the fest,10 AM-2PM
WCAP had live coverage of the performances from JFK Plaza from 12Noon to
6:30.PD Kevin Dunn was hosting in WCAP's "That 70's Mobile Studio".

Parked right behind WCAP's vehicle was the WCCM Dodge Caravan with a remote
featuring Bruce Arnold,Bob Ellis,Bill Borrelli,and sports talk host Frank
Benjamin.WCCM was doing a regular format remote with music played in the
van,a mobile DJ system with 2 large speakers in the back of the van,and
quite loud too,I must add.

WJUL was also on hand at JFK Plaza,carrying all performances.

WGBH-FM was on hand as usual at Boarding House Park with Dick Pleasants
hosting a special edition of his weekly 'Folk Heritage" show.

None of the Saturday night shows had any radio coverage.

Sunday's scheduled radio coverage includes WCAP once again at JFK Plaza
from 12 Noon to close (approx.6:30).Kevin Dunn will be joined by Gary
Francis in the mobile studio. WJUL also scheduled to carry the JFK Plaza
shows from 12 Noon to conclusion.

Mark Watson