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Re: NHPR acknowledges dead air

There's interesting reading in the latest New Hampshire Public Radio
member newsletter.  That's unusual because lately it's been little more
than a collection of poorly written press releases bragging about awards
grants won by NHPR and hyping various fundraising efforts.  Once upon a
time the newsletter was a reliable source of programming and personnel
information; now it can be counted on only to remind us (on every page!)
to remember NHPR in our estate planning.

But I digress...the cover story is GM Mark Handley's account of the
numerous signal problems experienced by NHPR this spring.  It turns out
there were different problems in Hanover, Berlin, and Concord.  We also
learn that Berlin (or Gorham?) is fed by T1 while Hanover and Keene get
the signal via microwave.  The article is online as a PDF at
<http://www.nhpr.org>--look for  "NHPR Newsletter Summer, 2000" a little
way down the page in the left column.

They're not out of the woods yet: three times this month I've heard
unmodulated carrier on WEVO (89.1 Concord), twice for extended periods
during afternoon drive.