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Re: WEGP 1390

I can think of another reason why a news/talk station might have
turntables, besides Frank Sinatra dying or the Grammies being awarded or

getting to play your old 45 of "Good Vibrations" when Brian Wilson drops

by the studio for a chat: the production library.  It wasn't that long
ago (certainly into the early '90s) that those libraries of 30- and
60-second music beds were distributed on vinyl.  In small markets once a

bed is assigned to the local IGA or feed store or paint store, it tends
to get used for the same client year after year after year.  Often the
only time a bed was changed was when the contract for the library was up

and the production company insisted the library be returned.  Even then
I've known cases where copies of favorite beds were kept on tape.  I
suspect that by the end of the '90s some production companies were not
asking to have the vinyl boxed up and returned, not wishing to deal with

that old technology.  For a small market station which already sank a
few bucks into the production library those LPs with the beds are reason

enough to keep a turntable around.

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