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Re: Clear Channel expands in New England

Okay if you think anyone in this major corporate business thinks about AM's you
have an interesting story.... But I think the AM's are long dead. This is a
story about corporate power houses .... before ACME takes over...

Dan Strassberg wrote:

> Aside from Entercom, Infinity, Greater Media, and Clear Channel, what groups
> that have a presence here have multiple stations in this market? Salem has
> one, WEZE. Mega has two, WBPS and WAMG. Carter has one, WROL, and has
> publicly announced that it's selling. RadioOne LMAs WILD and owns WBOT.
> Fairbanks (WKOX) is no longer a group owner and will dump WKOX whenever it
> can get what it thinks the 50 kW signal is worth (probably, whether or not
> WKOX ever does--or can--build its CP). ABC has one, WMKI. Beasley has one,
> WRCA. One on One has one, WNRB. So, if I count correctly, 10 viable group
> owners (if you include Entercom) own properties in the Boston market and of
> those, four and possibly five (Clear Channel, Salem, RadioOne, ABC, and
> maybe Mega) are under-represented and could be looking to expand. In
> addition, Unica may have some kind of deal to buy WKOX. What other groups
> might be buying and, aside from Carter and Entercom, what groups that have
> stations here might be selling?
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> From: Jerry Decker <radiobuzz@lycos.com>
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> Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 6:13 PM
> Subject: Clear Channel expands in New England
> >Clear Channel agreed to buy 6 FM stations in Bangor,
> >Maine, from Eastern Radio Assets for $20 million.
> >Broker was CEA.
> >
> >Also, word on the Street is that Entercom is about to
> >put itself on the block(too much debt, no large
> >market operations, except Boston and Seattle). CC wants
> >Entercom's stations in Boston to form a large New
> >England presence. I also heard that another group already operating in
> Boston wants to talk to
> >Entercom about Boston cluster...
> >
> >-Jerry
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