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Re: Clear Channel expands in New England

Aside from Entercom, Infinity, Greater Media, and Clear Channel, what groups
that have a presence here have multiple stations in this market? Salem has
one, WEZE. Mega has two, WBPS and WAMG. Carter has one, WROL, and has
publicly announced that it's selling. RadioOne LMAs WILD and owns WBOT.
Fairbanks (WKOX) is no longer a group owner and will dump WKOX whenever it
can get what it thinks the 50 kW signal is worth (probably, whether or not
WKOX ever does--or can--build its CP). ABC has one, WMKI. Beasley has one,
WRCA. One on One has one, WNRB. So, if I count correctly, 10 viable group
owners (if you include Entercom) own properties in the Boston market and of
those, four and possibly five (Clear Channel, Salem, RadioOne, ABC, and
maybe Mega) are under-represented and could be looking to expand. In
addition, Unica may have some kind of deal to buy WKOX. What other groups
might be buying and, aside from Carter and Entercom, what groups that have
stations here might be selling?


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Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2000 6:13 PM
Subject: Clear Channel expands in New England

>Clear Channel agreed to buy 6 FM stations in Bangor,
>Maine, from Eastern Radio Assets for $20 million.
>Broker was CEA.
>Also, word on the Street is that Entercom is about to
>put itself on the block(too much debt, no large
>market operations, except Boston and Seattle). CC wants
>Entercom's stations in Boston to form a large New
>England presence. I also heard that another group already operating in
Boston wants to talk to
>Entercom about Boston cluster...
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