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Re: Clear Channel expands in New England

Mark Osbourne spoke in one of my classes at NESCom about the radio
business, and talked about how the major communications companies were
taking over the industry and how he hoped his stations wouldn;t have to go
that route. Within days, it was announced he was selling his
stations.....too bad really, although I'm sure financially he had no
choice and made the best decision.....

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Chris Beckwith wrote:

> According to the official press release CC is buying WGUY-FM, WVOM-FM,
> WBYA-FM, WBFB-FM, WKSQ-FM and WLKE-FM.  Basically the've acquired the
> assets of what had been Acadia Broadcasting and Star Broadcasting plus the
> other stations Eastern Radio Assets had aggregated in the Bangor market.  I
> believe the deal for Mark Osborne's stations had closed just a week or two
> ago!  Would he have done better to deal with CC direct?  I suppose it's all
> academic now.
> Take care,
> Chris, a former WKSQ/WLKE employee (and WLKE's first News Director)


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