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Re: Maritime AM stations

On 11 Jul 2000, at 10:07, Bob Nelson...WMWM wrote:

> By the way, from my listening to the CBC, I have found
> that apparently we Americans are mispronouncing the
> names of two of their provinces: for Quebec, we say
> "kwa-BECK" when it's really "keh-BECK", and for
> Newfoundland, we say "NEW-fund-lind" when it's really
> "new-fund-LAND". Oh well.

For part of my misspent youth I lived in Stephenville, 
Newfoundland.  We always called it "New-fun-lin", although the 
CBC even back then insisted on the other pronunciation.  It must 
be in a rulebook somewhere for CBC announcers.

Dan Cole, WGAN
(and still a "Newfie" in my heart)