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Re: Maritime AM stations

>Marc Laurence wrote:
>"name a North American radio station whose call letters don't begin with
>"W", "K" or "C."

        I think there might still be a second station in St. John's with a
V. There used to be three altogether. The others were VOWR on 800 and VOAR
on 1230.
        Also, it's time for a geography trivia quiz. Is Central America
considered part of North America? I think it is, vs. South America. What
about all the Caribbean islands, Bahamas, Haiti/Dominican Republic and the
rest? And I think that Greenland has to be included for sure  (I forget
what letter they use there, if any, but they have a station or two). Also,
St. Pierre and Miquelon off the Newfoundland coast has a station, but, I
don't know what letter is assigned to them.