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Maritime AM stations

I heard Bob Bittner mention the re-broadcaster at
740 AM of VOCM from the Canadian Maritimes. I have
picked up a couple stations from that region here on
the North Shore: while on Rt. 35 in Danvers (right on
the coast), I picked up something around 1310 kHz;
and once while at Chebacco Lake in Essex  (near
sunset) I picked up a station from that region at
1000 kHz (or something near that spot on the dial).

Also, I often used to pick up CHSJ (St. John's NB) at
700 kHz (now gone) up in Gloucester. Sometimes it was
so powerful it sounded like a local station!

By the way, from my listening to the CBC, I have found
that apparently we Americans are mispronouncing the
names of two of their provinces: for Quebec, we say
"kwa-BECK" when it's really "keh-BECK", and for
Newfoundland, we say "NEW-fund-lind" when it's really
"new-fund-LAND". Oh well.

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