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Niagara falls Tourist Info Station

For anyone thats interested in this, that travelers info station in Niagara 
Falls has since moved to 105.9.  In fact, I was out there recently and was 
absolutely amazed at how powerful that signal actually is.  Coming back to 
Rochester on the NY Thruway from Niagara falls, I could get that tourist 
info station as far away as Batavia (some 30-40 miles away)!!  And this is 
just a little tourist info station.  I've never heard a station like that 
with a coverage area that big before.  Of course, then again the transmitter 
is not located in the states so it doesn't directly deal with the FCC 

                                    Matt Osborne
                                    Rochester, NY

>>A few years ago I went to Niagara Falls and heard a
>travelers info station at 91.9 (since moved to
>another frequency): "You're listening to C-F-L-Zee,
>or if you prefer, C-F-L-Zed... C-Falls--broadcasting
>from the top of the Skylon Tower..." (that tower is on
>the Ontario side of the falls).
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